How to Netgear Wireless Router Configuration

How to Netgear Wireless Router Configuration

Netgear router is considered to be top fastest wireless router with instant internet access and fast download. Security provided to the router is also top notch and new innovative featured routers are also coming in more recent days. Netgear provides best range to meet the home network and it can easily be setup. Netgear router can be configured with cable and also can be done wirelessly. This article will extensively provide tips to configure the wireless router.

First time Netgear wireless router installation can be done easily on wireless laptops, smartphones or other devices. Connect the device to preset wireless settings of the router and then configure the Netgear device for internet connection. One can find the setup or configuration steps mentioned below but as required user can also contact the support team for the configuration help.

Follow the steps to configure wireless Netgear router –

  • Take the Ethernet cable from the DSL modem and connect to the Internet port of the router.
  • Now turn on the DSL modem and wait till the lights become stable.
  • Also turn on the Netgear router and wait till all the lights are on.
  • In the bottom of the device user can get the wireless settings of the Netgear router. Get those settings and open the Wi-Fi connection on the wireless device.
  • Find the SSID or WiFi network name in the connection manager of the router.
  • New connect to the SSID and enter the passphrase.
  • Open any browser present in the system and open the Netgear login page.
  • Enter the default username as ‘admin’ and default password as ‘password’.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to configure the device correctly.

Web interface of the Netgear router varies based on the model and firmware versions are also different. Before moving with secure configuration, make sure that router is having all the updated software. Follow the steps if the router uses Netgear genie software –

  • From Netgear genie ‘Advanced’ tab choose ‘Advanced’.
  • From the navigation buttons click ‘Administration’ and then choose ‘Firmware update’.
  • To check the new firmware version click on ‘Check’ button.
  • Follow the on-screen steps now to proceed with firmware update.

If the users are having Smart Wizard software then follow the steps –

  • Move to the Netgear Wizard Firmware Update page and click ‘Router Upgrade’.
  • To check the internet for firmware updates click on ‘Check’ button.
  • To install the firmware follow the on-screen mentioned steps.

Not able to setup or configure Netgear wireless router? Contact Netgear router support for getting the best steps for setup. Support team also handle various user queries for the router and also solve major issues with the router. Dial the helpline number and ask for assistance from the technical experts.

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