How to Connect Router to Internet

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Quick Steps to Connect a Router to The Internet
Nowadays, router is becoming one of the much demanded devices which is used to connect various computer or mobile devices to the internet connection. Routers are used by the billions of users across the globe for various purposes. It is very easy to connect a router with your computer to internet connection. In preset days, the manufacturer of router are making too easier even a non-technical person can easily connect to an internet connection. The new routers come with clearly labeled ports which make it easier for the users to connect everything without any difficulties.
How to connect Router to internet?
Have you recently purchased a new router and want to connect it to the internet? Then don’t be tensed about that. Read this article very carefully and learn the step by step instructions of connecting a router to internet. These instructions are given below:
Step 1:- First of all, uninstall an old router from your computer before installing a new router.
Step 2:- Now plug one end of an Ethernet cable into your modem and another end to the WLAN port on your router.
Step 3:- Now turn on your Modem and after 2 or 3 minutes the WLAN lights up which shows that your router is successfully connected to the modem.
Step 4:- After that, turn on your router and then restart your computer.
Step 5:- Now connect an Ethernet cable to the computer’s network adapter and other end to your router’s Ethernet ports.
Step 6:- Now test your network connection. For this, open a web browser on your computer and then try to search something on internet to complete the procedure.
After applying the above given steps, you can easily connect your router to the internet.

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