How Do I Get My Netgear Wireless Router to Work

Netgear Connection

Follow theses steps to make Netgear wireless router to work !!

Many a times the Netgear router users search for questions like How do I get my Netgear wireless router to work? So, for this purpose the users can easily get their wireless router to work by following the steps that are provided below. The netgear routers are compatible and can be connected with any system so that the users can make use of it and can be connected to the internet for their work.

Therefore, the steps for this are easy but it should be followed with utmost care as some of the steps are technical and any wrong step will not let the process to complete and the router will not work accordingly.

Steps to make Netgear routers to work are mentioned below :

  • First of all the users are supposed to connect their modem with the router’s internet port.
  • The system on which the users are working should also be connected with any of the LAN ports.
  • After connecting all these devices, the users need to switch off the modem, broadband and the system and after some time should again switch it on.
  • By doing this the system will get booted. Users need to wait for some time till it gets booted.
  • Now the users are supposed to open any web browser on their system.
  • Go to the address bar of the browser and enter that is the IP address of the Netgear routers.
  • Select on enter.
  • Further mention the details and sign in to the router.
  • Select on the set up wizard and click on yes.
  • Select on next so that the settings are saved.

If the users want more details on it then call on the netgear router support Phone Number and speak with the concerned representatives.

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