How Do I Connect Linksys Router to My Computer


Get the Process for How Do I Connect Linksys Router to My Computer:

Linksys is a network Company was founded in 1988 having headquarters in Irvine, California, United States. Router is basically a device which forwards data packets between computer networks and perform the function on the Internet. The Linksys router offers the maximum speed of 270 Mbit/s over the wireless networks when used over other devices. Linksys usually deals in the product like Router, DSL/Cable Gateways, Switches,Wireless Access Points, Storage and Security Cameras. It offers and manufactures a variety of series of network routers. Linksys offers their product services to both home users as well as the corporate. Follow these basic and simple steps for How Do I Connect Linksys Router to My Computer that are mentioned below:-

1. Firstly Plug Ethernet Cable with your modem.
2. The other side of the Ethernet Cable with the Internet WAN or WLAN port on your router.
3. Your WAN lights up which is the indication that the Internet is successfully connected with the router.
4. Click start on your computer.
5. From the drop down menu,select shut down and than click OK.
6. Now connect an Ethernet cable to your computer ‘s network adaptor.
7. Start your computer again and your computer automatically detects that you are connected to the Internet(You should be able to open your browser and log in to your router to configure it to work with your computer).

Tish is the simple  process for How Do I Connect Linksys Router to My Computer. If your are still unable for How Do I Connect Linksys Router to My Computer dial us or reach us through linksys router support phone number which is a team of dedicate and expert technicians who are eagerly available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your services/support in order to give you long-lasting and well grounded services. In Today’s world where life without Internet can’t be imagine, so our technicians always there to assist you the best so that your life would never stopped because of any Technical errors. We believe in serving best to our customer so that any Technical Problem would never overcome your fast growing life.

Why to connect Linksys router Technical team:-

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